Development of an educational game based on IoT

Luka Petrović, Ivan Jezdović, Danijela Stojanović, Zorica Bogdanović, Marijana Despotović-Zrakić


Internet of Things (IoT) in combination with game based learning offers new possibilities to improve teaching and learning. This
paper presents an example of using the IoT in education through the creation of an educational interactive game. An educational game
based on the IoT has been developed. The developed system aims to motivate students to acquire and enhance knowledge in the field of IoT.
The system is composed of a mobile application that serves as a controller for students, an administrative tool in the form of a web
application used by the teachers, a set of assignments implemented within a smart educational environment, and a collection of web services
used for integration of software components. The system is integrated with Moodle learning management system. The evaluation has been
conducted at the Faculty of organizational sciences, University of Belgrade, during the Summer school in Internet of Things. A group of
seven students played the game, solved the knowledge test, and gave their opinions on usefulness, ease of use, ease of learning and
satisfaction with the developed system. Results show that the game has a positive effect on students’ knowledge and attitudes, and therefore
is suitable for application within a blended learning environment.

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