Towards Context-Aware Smart Healthcare Platform

Aldina Avdić, Ejub Kajan, Dragan Janković, Dženan Avdić


This paper deals with the context-aware smart healthcare platform, based on IoT and citizen sensing. The proposed platform provides support to smart cities' citizens in the form of air quality visualization in their surroundings and by appropriate notifications in case of dangerous pollutants level is sensed. It also provides medical assistance based on “help needed” function, and where available, on the medical record of a patient that uses the platform services. The platform is interactive, so the information sent by the users and the requests for help will be processed. Platform development is based on a special kind of social machine that is capable to capture the city’s sensors data, analyze these data and to interact with appropriate business processes. On return, that interaction results with several goals achieved with the project. Presented dashboard visualization allows decision makers, e.g. medical staff, to take proper actions on time and on-the-fly. On the other side, citizens that suffer from a variety of disease problems are able to report an air pollution incident, and ask for help, if they felt worse. The platform itself has a wider usability value and may be deployed to other smart services in a city, e.g. waste management, smart transportation, energy savings, etc. It is also scalable and open for a variety of sensor devices ranges from smartphones, wearables, and other IoT that resides in a smart city, and for different forms of crowdsensing methods. Finally, concluding remarks emphasize the future research directions.

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