The impact of tourism on the economic growth in BiH

Miroslav Knežević, Slobodan Čerović, Dušan Borovčanin, Vladimir Džamić, Tijana Radojević


Tourism as socio-economic phenomenon reflects
different influences (economic, social, political etc.), and in line
with it, it has an important role in the overall economic growth.
The aim of this paper is to determine the contribution of tourism
in the overall economic growth in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)
during the period of years 2006-2014. Using the methodology
which used Čerović et al. (2015) for calculating the rate of real
GDP growth and the contribution of tourism towards overall
economic growth in countries in the region (Serbia, Macedonia,
and Montenegro), in this paper we demonstrated that tourism, in
the observed period, had a modest direct contribution towards
overall economic growth in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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