The use of audio and video recordings in English language teaching

Milena Nikolić


By introducing and depicting the assignments set
before the third-year-students of the Faculty of Philology at
Sinergija University in Bijeljina enrolled in the course of
Didactics, we tried to identify the innovative ways of using audio
and video recordings inside and outside the classroom and touch
upon their numerous positive effects on foreign language
teaching and learning. The students’ smartphones were used in
performing the tasks. Task 1 establishes a link between literary
proficiency and the use of online newspapers. Task 2 involves
students’ moving to a new location, linking learning a foreign
language to the students’ real world experience and learning
about nonverbal communication. Task 3 presents the way in
which an inaccessible literary text is likely to become amusing
and accessible by means of digital devices.

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