Human factor in software requirements engineering: Preliminary review of qualitative empirical studies

Zeljko Stojanov, Tamara Zoric, Ilija Hristoski


Software requirements engineering is a field in
software engineering that highly depends on human factor since
it includes knowledge and skills from domain of software
engineering and from the domain of problem where software will
be used, but also from both organizational and social sciences
aspects. Therefore, researching human factor is very important
for understanding industrial practice and identifying
improvement directions. Deeper understanding of human factor
influence on software requirements engineering practice assumes
the use of qualitative research methods. This paper presents a
preliminary review of literature that investigates human factor in
software requirements engineering by using qualitative research
methods. The presented study contributes to the research field by
presenting a clearly defined process of preliminary literature
review, and as a pilot study, it will be used for planning detailed
and systematic literature review.

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