The place and role of intellectual property in education

Žaklina Spalević, Miloš Ilić, Miloš Đunić


Modern times place great emphasis on works
created as a product of the intellectual work of individuals or
groups. At the same time, there is an increasing abuse of both
intellectual property rights and the degree of protection that
intellectual property offers. The educational process as well as
the scientific research work which is an integral part of the
educational process in many cases form the basis for the
emergence of new intellectual works. The acts thus created
remain in most cases the intellectual property of the educational
institutions within which they were created. The degree of
protection introduced in this way is also a restriction for the
people who worked to develop the work in question. It is for these
reasons that the aim of this paper is to look at the position of
intellectual property created in the education system, as well as
the advantages and disadvantages of such works.

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