Web based E-teacher for history subject in elementary school

Bojan Lalić, Miloš Ilić, Petar Spalević


E-learning is the growing in modern education.
We developed a system of e-learning for the specific subject
(history), which we named e-teacher. The aim of this e-teacher is
to make teaching and specifically testing and knowledge
assessment easier and more objective. System is basically web
site, at which students can register and participate in teaching
and testing. System consists of number of different types of tests
(two-week, monthly, three-months, final test), which on regular
time periods make assessment of student’s knowledge and their
progress. Finally, this platform makes final mark for every
student. The system tends to make teaching and testing objective
and in a sense force students to study on the regular basis.
System can also be used for evaluation of teachers and their

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7251/ZRSNG1901080L


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