Goran PARAŠ, Smiljana PARAŠ, Bojan LUKAČ, Igor ČEGAR, Ognjen VITKOVIĆ


Thrombocytopenia represents a significant reduction in number of blood platelets in the
circulation of mammals. The causes of thrombocytopenia in dogs and cats are: various infectious
factors, viruses, bacterias, parasites, various pathological conditions of the liver, spleen, bone
marrow or autoimmune diseases. Sometimes, thrombocytopenia causes many different factors or
the real cause can not be detected, and its origin is called idiopathic. In our practice, in the course of
haematological analysis of blood, we encounter a reduced number of platelets in the blood of dogs
and cats. Then we are facing the great challenge of diagnosing and treating possible idiopathic
thrombocytopenia in animals.
In our case, we have a Miniature poodle whose problems began at the age of 2.5. The dog had the
following symptoms: inapetency, somnolence, temperature of 38.80C, pale oral mucosa with
petechiae and behavioral changes. After the first hematological blood tests were performed, the
results of the parameters indicated thrombocytopenia in this dog. Diagnosis of the disease is
supported by symptoms and differential diagnosis, so we started with frequent monitoring of
haematological parameters.
We included adequate therapy with the first symptoms of the disease in our case of idiopathic
thrombocytopenia in a young dog. The therapy was successful, hematological parameters and the
quality of life improved, and the dog is now eight years old. The treatment of idiopathic
thrombocytopenia is a challenge for every small animal veterinarian and for this reason in this paper
we share our experiences with colleagues.

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