Nenad Filipović, Dalibor Nikolić, Igor Saveljić, Themis Exarchos, Oberdan Parodi


In this study, experimental and numerical stent modelling with plaque formation and progression for specific patient in the coronary arteries is described. In the method, section experimental stent testing is firstly described. Then numerical methods with finite element methods are given. Blood flow simulation is described with Navier-Stokes and continuity equation. Blood vessel wall is modelled with nonlinear viscoelastic material properties. The coupling of fluid dynamics and solute dynamics at the endothelium was achieved by the Kedem-Katchalsky equations. The inflammatory process is modelled using three additional reaction-diffusion partial differential equations. In the results section, the examples with rigid and deformable arterial wall with stented and unstented arteries are presented. Effective stress analysis results for stent deployment have been shown. These experimental and numerical methods can give better understanding of stent deployment procedure and arterial wall response in everyday clinical practice.


stent testing, experimental, numerical, stent deployment simulation, finite element method.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7251/cm.v2i7.4228


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