Dragana Malivuk Gak, Saša Nježić, Enes Škrgić, Zoran Rajilić


The study of the magnetic properties of materials have attracted the interest of scientists for ages. Knowing the magnetic properties of materials do their best possible use in industry and technology, as well as better understanding of some yet unexplained phenomena in nature related to the Earth's magnetic field. Several models that describe the given phenomenon are known, such as the domino model, two-dimensional Ising model and model of inversion magnetic  Earth's field. In computer experiments whose results are presented in this paper, it is used a simplified two-dimensional Ising model, one version of the model related spins. Computer experiments (simulations) are made in the mathematical software Maple. It has been observed reversing the direction of magnetization in a small change of inhomogeneity energy interactions.  Consideration of this issue could be of importance for the study of ferromagnetic material.


Boltzmann distribution, Ising model, magnetization, inhomogeneity energy interaction, geomagnetic field

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7251/cm.v2i7.4237


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