Motives in Gift Contracts // Motiv kod ugovora o poklonu

Irina Šolaja


IIn this paper, the claim is that the motives (initiatives) are an integral part of the case for a gift contract, and that the decisive motive is doubly consequential. Inducing the creation of a contract, the production of final property-related consequences is conditioned by its existence and its permissiveness at the time of conclusion of the contract. From the fact that the Law on Obligations does not explicitly form a positive law institute, judicial practice, from case to case, makes the legal fate of the contract dependent on the existence of a motive referring to pre-war legal rules. The paper studies our concept that focuses on considerations for examining the deduction of a donor’s property which justifies his legal protection if the decisive motive is wasted. It presents the legal foundation and the particular effect of terminating the gift contract in the event of a causal link between the decisive motive for the conclusion of the contract and its disposition after the conclusion of the gift contract. Then, the cases of impermissible motives for the reduction of the property of a donor from the point of view of public order, good customs and imperative norms are analyzed and the sanctions determined. After considering cases of their existence, it was pointed out that the contracting parties, third parties and the public prosecutor who call for their existence should prove that the decision on the gift contract was based on an inadmissible initiative, and not that there was not any. On these grounds, the concept of a gift contract is empirical and comparatively and legally tested. The aim of the paper is to provide the author`s reasoned legal answers based on the primary and secondary sources of information on varying court practice.

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