New migration trends of the population in a modern society

Dragana Vilić


Spatial movement of the population is not a new phenomenon - it has
been happening throughout the history in its various shapes, scope
and intensity. Nevertheless, with the processes of globalisation it has
been more and more noticeable taking a new shape and social characteristics
(especially, economic migration). However, many of the
threats and problems manifested at a global level still stay the main
causes of legal and/or illegal, voluntary and involuntary migrations
(poverty, unemployment, civil wars, persecutions, climate change,
etc.). Long-term economic and demographic problems in developed
countries have negative consequences - reducing the working-age
population, undermining the sustainability of the social protection
system and sustainable economic growth and the development of society
in general. Therefore, the importance of migration has been noted
to remedy these negative consequences. In order to face the problems
that cause migration, the challenges and consequences of migration,
the issues migrants face, and to control and manage migration flows
at the national and international levels, it is necessary to establish the
global cooperation of various social entities.

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