“Description of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra” by Metropolitan Yevhenii (Bolkhovitinov) as an Attempt to Continue “Mohylian Tradition” in Describing the History of Kiev


  • Maksym Boichura




The purpose of this paper is to determine the main elements of the writings of his­ tory of Kiev by the Metropolitan of Kiev Petro (Mohyla) (1597–1647) and other theologians under his scientific supervision; consideration of the reception of these elements in the work of Metropolitan of Kiev Yevhenii (Bolkhovitinov) (1767–1837) under the title “Description of the Kiev­Pechersk Lavra”, as well as finding the elements that are strictly characteristic of Metropolitan Yevhenii’s work. The methodological basis of this article is the general scientific principle of historicism, objectivity, complexity and system, the implementation of which is car­ ried out through the use of basic methods of historical research (analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction). The main conclusion is that Metropolitan of Kiev Yevhenii (Bolkhovitinov) was the successor of the tradition of writing history of the Church which was created by Metropolitan Petro (Mohyla) and other famous Kievan theologians of the time, among whom Bishop Sylvestr (Cossov) stands out.