• P. Zejdová



Horses are animals, which are naturally accustomed to all day movement and grazing with their herd. But the typical modern stabling of horses usually looks like so that a horse is 23 hours per day in a box alone. The welfare of horses is very bad in such case, but it is very comfortable for its keepers. Now, a new technology is available on market presenting a compromise for both sides - for the horses and for the human. 'System of active stabling' allows the horses to move freely in paddock and stable area. Each horse has a chip which communicates with the sensors placed on the requisite point and it also sends information to the operating computer. Feeding is done by feeding stations, in which a number and composition of the feed can be set for each individual animal. Thus, breeder has always a review available of how much his horse walked or how much of feed ate. And he has the option to direct horse choice, too.


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