• Ljiljana Ž. Tanasić
  • Teodor M. Petrović



There are many questions about the role of accountants in the age of globalization, the greatest achievement and growing international mobility of capital, commodities, ideas and people. The role of a management accountant has become significant, not only at the corporate level but also nationally and internationally. His position has primarily undergone metamorphosis from a numerical reporter to a senior information decision support specialist, business management partner, internal consultant, organizational educator, etc. The certification of management accountants stems from the understanding and the need for this responsible profession to be of a licensed nature associated with very high educational and professional requirements in countries with advanced accounting. The certification of accountants and auditors is envisaged in Bosnia and Herzegovina, while there is currently no specific certification for a certified management accountant. The accounting profession has developed its ethical standards, which have been adopted in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and also apply to management accountants. However, the specific role of management accounting has led to the codification of the Standards of Ethical Conduct for Management Accountants by professional organizations. The aim of the paper was to investigate the role and place of management accountants, their challenges and public perceptions, as well as the certification and ethical standards for management accountants in countries with advanced accounting and in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The results showed that the

situation in countries with advanced accounting and in Bosnia and Herzegovina is significantly different, and Bosnia and Herzegovina must improve the guidelines it relies on, take on the practices of others who have made significant progress in this area, and to set goals to pursue.