• Dragan Nikolić Visoka građevinsko-geodetska škola, Beograd
  • Dragan Bojović Institut IMS
  • Goran Ćirović University of Belgrade



Ground Penetrating Radar - GPR by modern equipment has grown in importance in recent years in non-destructive testing. Estimating steel rebar position and diameter is the main focus for assessment of existing reinforcement concrete facilities. This paper presents the latest modern non-destructive technique – suitable for testing reinforcement concrete members. The capabilities of this technique for locating reinforcement bars in unilaterally accessible, densely reinforcement slab are described.


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D. Nikolić, D. Bojović, and G. Ćirović, “USING AND MODELING GROUND PENETRATING RADAR ON DENSELY REINFORCED SLABS”, STEPGRAD, vol. 1, no. 15, pp. 625-634, Mar. 2023.