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@article{Milašinović_Goleš_Rožnjik_Mrđa Bošnjak_2022, title={MODEL OF POROUS MATERIALS BY RHEOLOGICAL-DYNAMICAL ANALOGY USING THE PRINCIPLES OF MASS AND ENERGY CONSERVATION}, volume={1}, url={}, DOI={10.7251/STP2215092M}, abstractNote={<p>It is assumed that the porous material is based on the principle of conservation of mass and the principle of conservation of energy. The validity of both principles relies on experimental observations. Experimental results of different metals were used to compare the Poisson ratio as a function of porosity. A comparison is made between the theory of percolation and the model proposed in this paper based on the rheological-dynamic analogy (RDA). The results show that there is an excellent agreement between percolation theory and the RDA model. Finally, a new relationship between the creep coefficient and porosity was proved for all analyzed metals by defining their damage variable in the range of measurable porosities.</p>}, number={15}, journal={International conference on Contemporary Theory and Practice in Construction / Међународна конференција Савремена теорија и пракса у градитељству }, author={Milašinović, Dragan and Goleš, Danica and Rožnjik, Andrea and Mrđa Bošnjak, Nataša}, year={2022}, month={Jun.}, pages={092-103} }