Expertise in Administrative Dispute

(with reference to the specifics of expertise in pension and disability insurance and veteran-disability protection)


  • Strahinja Ćurković Judge of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Srpska


Expertise in an administrative dispute is a type of expertise, since expertise is also performed in other proceedings (criminal, civil, commercial, misdemeanor, etc.) that can be used as a means of proof, and which has its full role and significance in administrative proceedings, because the factual situation is determined in administrative proceedings since the provision of Article 29, paragraph 1 of the Law on Administrative Disputes prescribes that the court resolves the dispute, as a rule, on the basis of the facts established in the administrative proceedings. The paper presents the concept of expertise, the content of the expertise order, the definition of findings and opinions and what a finding should contain, and what an expert’s opinion is, when expertise is performed and when expertise is not required, what types of expertise are most often performed in administrative proceedings, that is, an administrative dispute.