Occupational Injury Expertise Problems Due to Injury of People in Contact with Sliding Doors


  • Milan Radošević Judicial expertise agency „Radošević“, Novi Sad, Serbia, PhD, University of Novi Sad, Faculty of technical sciences, Novi Sad


Reliability of work equipment is the ability of work equipment to perform the required function, under the given conditions and at a given interval of time without failure. It is very often the case that the failure of certain pieces of work equipment causes injury to both the person handling the particular equipment and the a person who is nearby at a given moment.. Of course, it should be remembered that injuries in a large number occur not because of failure / malfunction of work equipment but precisely because of the human factor itself. Usually, injuries at work can be of minor magnitude (scratches, dislocations, cuts, etc.), while in some cases, injuries at work can be of greater intensity causing permanent disabilities (loss of body parts, immobility, etc.) or, in the worst case, fatal injuries. One example, which occurs in practice, is injuries resulting from contact of people with sliding doors. The most common injuries of this type are found in different malls, shops, etc. The aim of this paper is to present the problems encountered by expert in the evaluation of occupational injuries caused by sliding doors with a specific example from practice.