Procedures in the Event of the Invention of Explosives Diversion Equipment and Other Dangerous Items on Open Space


  • Suzana Todorović Doctor of Security Sciences, Ministry of Trade and Tourism, Government of RS, Banja Luka
  • Zoran Janković Doctor of Security Sciences, forensic expert in the field of criminology, Banja Luka


Material losses during the civil war in BiH were huge. In almost every area where war operations were conducted, there was more or less destruction of roads, bridges, railways, telecommunications systems and other forms of infrastructure, and some countries experienced a serious reduction in industrial and other resources. While the population of the former Yugoslavia has been decimated and forcibly displaced, the number of those killed in the war is still unknown. However, what is most worrying is the fact that the consequences of the war are still being felt in Bosnia and Herzegovina. These consequences are often the result of the fact that in the years after the end of the war we had mine victims, in 1996 the number was up to 50 per month, which is more than alarming. In such a situation, mine action is justifiably indicated as a condition for the return of refugees and displaced persons, reconstruction and development of the country’s natural and economic capacities. In this chapter, we will discuss the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of the demining organization of the AF BiH, which participates in humanitarian demining.