• Radmila Janičić



The paper gives theoretical and practical approach to challenging educational process in modern environment.
In first part of paper, present theoretical aspects of educational process through history and time, by leading
authors in the field of education. Educational process comes from traditional form of teaching to integrated
learning process, which includes information technology platforms, modern holistic marketing approach,
modern approach to presentation in class room, interactive discussion with students, and use of mobile
platforms and new concept of relationship with students, based on dialogue. Also, business environment has
changed and has impacted educational process. In second part of paper, is presented theoretical aspects of
student’s behavior through time, from traditional concept of listening lectures, to the interactive learning
process and dialogue with colleagues and professors. Also, changing business environment bring to educational
process new topics, new professions. There is emphasizing that new generation need integrated approach,
based on both traditional knowledge methodologies and information technologies platforms. Young
generations love to share knowledge, educational experiences and have strong feeling for connection with
others, to learn more, to travel, to get experiences. Young generations are mobileand in looking for knowledge
and nontraditional professions. Professors have to follow these educational and business changes. In third part
of paper, is presented empirical research about student’s behavior in modern educational process and new
business environment. Empirical research includes questionnaire and focus group by students about their new
needs, wishes and feelings in modern educational process in modern environment. Empirical research presents
what drives students in education, in getting knowledge..