Territorial Disputes in the EU Members / Teritorijalni sporovi u zemljama Evropske unije


  • Vladimir Čolović Fakultet pravnih nauka, Panevropski Univerzitet „Apeiron“ Banja Luka




The issue of territorial disputes is a problem of a large number of states. These problems exists in the EU and in countries candidate for accession to this organization. As to the former Yugoslav republics following the collapse of the common state, the problems are created in terms of determining the territory. The issue of borders after the dissolution of a federal state such as Yugoslavia, creating major problems that can be solved only by applying two basic principles - the principle of demarcation and the principle of self-determination of nation. In international law there is no general rule, according to which the retreating boundary between the states. The author deals with issues of particular territorial disputes in the EU and between the EU countries and countries of the Western Balkan. Practically, these disputes between EU countries have existed before, and have not been resolved to their joining the organization. Whether the EU can guarantee resolution of these disputes is one of the issues raised in the paper, given that many disputes are not settled in countries that are longer or shorter time-EU countries. The conclusion is that it can not, because there are no adequate tools for this so that all the leaves to the states in disputes.

Author Biography

Vladimir Čolović, Fakultet pravnih nauka, Panevropski Univerzitet „Apeiron“ Banja Luka

redovni profesor, Fakultet pravnih nauka, Panevropski Univerzitet „Apeiron“ Banja Luka