Dissolution of Federalism in Yugoslavia // Raspad federalizma u Jugoslaviji


  • Oliver Nikolić Naučni saradnik Instituta za uporedno pravo, Beograd




The author gives an overview of the development of the federal system in Yugoslavia since the end of World War II until its complete collapse of the nineties. One of the reason for establishing the federalism in the former Yugoslavia, was the way to resolve the national question, considering Yugoslavia was a multi-ethnic state. But this desire is never, in fact, did not fulfill, at least not consistently. Determination of boundaries between the future federal units did not correspond to historical and national standards and about them was not enacted any legal act. Also, the creation of autonomous provinces only in a one federal unit led to gross violations of the constitutional status of Serbia, to its unequal position compared to the other republics, to breaking of its integrity, etc. All of this along with the fact that the country was not introduce a true democracy, eventually led to a sort of confederation, and ultimately the disintegration of Yugoslavia.