Penalty of the Prison in the Republic of Srpska With Special Review at its Application in Practice of the District Court in Banja Luka // Kazna zatvora u Republici Srpskoj s posebnim osvrtom na njenu primjenu u praksi Okružnog suda u Banjoj Luci


  • Ljubinko Mitrović Ombudsmen za ljudska prava Bosne i Hercegovine i redovni profesor Fakulteta pravnih nauka Panevropskog Univerziteta APEIRON u Banjoj Luci



Penalties for all modern criminal legislation are particularly regarded as fines for deprivation of liberty of various modalities - imprisonment, long-term imprisonment, juvenile imprisonment or life imprisonment. These are very often applied, special penalties that consist of depriving the perpetrator of the freedom of movement for the perpetrator of a criminal offense in a court decision for a certain time and its placement in a special institution or penitentiary institution from the system of these institutions of a particular state. Similarly with Republika Srpska, whose latest criminal legislation (primarily the Criminal Code of the Republic of Srpska of 2017) provides for two separate fines for deprivation of liberty - imprisonment and long-term imprisonment.
It is precisely these two special, independent penalties and their application, with fines, in the practice of the District Court in Banja Luka (or its departments: the Criminal-Misdemeanor and the Special Department for the Suppression of Corruption, the Organized and the Toughest Forms of Economic Crime) there will be words in this paper.