News in Prescribing, Expression And Execution of Cash Flow // Novine u propisivanju, izricanju i izvršenju novčane kazne


  • Veljko Ikanović Sudija Vrhovnog suda Republike Srpske i vanredni profesor Fakulteta pravnih nauka, Panevropskog univerziteta Apeiron Banja Luka



The author analyzes the changes in the prescribing, pronouncing and execution of fines in the new Criminal Code of Republika Srpska from 2017. As one of the oldest and basic sentences, it took an important place in domestic criminal legislation. It was distinguished by its persistence, practicality, efficiency and flexibility, until the legislative reform in 2003. At that time, its prescription and pronouncement in daily amounts was introduced, later it was further strengthened, and by certain solutions it was outlawed as a special sanction. In short, by outlining certain characteristics of fines, goals and purposes, through the criminal legislation of Republika Srpska, the author points out the importance of a correct understanding of its essence, relations with delict and social repression, cultural heritage, legal tradition, economic and economic conditions, which determine its place and role in the legal system. In doing so, he critically evaluates the institute of fines in the context of the implemented amendments to the law, with suggestions for certain improvements in future changes, which they must arrive in due course.