Common Law-Marriages in Regulations of the States of the Former Yugoslav Republic // Vanbračne zajednice u propisima država bivše SFRJ


  • Dragana Ranđelović Departman za pravne nauke Univerziteta u Novom Pazaru, docent za užu naučnu oblast građansko pravo
  • Irina Šolaja Asistent u odjeljenju za istraživanje razvoja BMW u Minhenu



A marital union can be defined as a community of two faces of a different sex, which ends informally and in the same way ends. The authors will analyze the regulation of the constituent elements of the extramarital community in the countries of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, as well as the possibility of inheriting extra-marital partners in the observed countries of the region. Since the beginning and termination of the extramarital community is not accompanied by any form, in practice it shows certain deficiencies and weaknesses. By introducing the registration of extramarital communities, numerous problems in practice will be solved, starting from proving the existence of an extramarital community, the commencement and termination of it, the establishment of the joint or special property of extra-marital partners and other legal consequences that may arise out of these circumstances.