Peace Building in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Problems and Dilemmas


  • Miodrag Simović Akademician, Academy of Sciences and Art of Bosnia and Herzegovina, profesor of criminal procedure law and victimology, Faculty of Law, University of Bihać
  • Azra Adžajlić-Dedović Profesor of victimology and restorative justice, Faculty of Criminalistics, Criminology and Security Studies, University of Sarajevo



Soldiers and civilian victims of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina have been living in peace more than 25 years, unlike irresponsible political leaders for whom “war-mongering rhetorics” is the most important mechanism for achieving electoral victories. In addition to inciting “new wars”,”separatism” and “denial of war crimes” through hate speech, by spreading “false news” and “untruths” in public space through the media. Irresponsible policies “intimidating their people”, produce a society of fear and prevent building of lasting peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina through development of democracy and the rule of law. In addition, by acting in this way, with the help of corruption, irresponsible policies produce “legal anarchy” and “undermine the rule of law”. In this paper the authors intend to present some ways of endangering peace and the rule of law in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They argue that post-War peacebuilding in Bosnia and Herzegovina relies on a wide array of international actors with diverse interests and mandates which are not necessarily aligned with local realities or needs.