The Death Penalty in the XXI Century


  • Tamara Marić Doc. dr na Fakultetu pravnih nauka Univerziteta Apeiron, Ministarstvo pravde Republike Srpske,



In relation to imprisonment and fines, which occupy a central place in most modern systems of criminal sanctions, there are still deep cross-sectional opinions of legal theorists and public opinion on the justification of the existence of the death penalty. Although in the last few decades it has been deleted from the punishment system in a large number of countries, at the same time the death penalty still exists in the criminal legislation of countries around the world. What do the latest statistics say about the number of death sentences carried out at the world level, how does the death penalty exist in criminal legislation where it exists and for which crimes it can be imposed, on the basis of which legal mechanisms it was abolished where it no longer exists, what are the arguments legal theorists who are still advocating for the abolition of this punishment and what are the justifications of its advocates, what forms of execution exist today, these are all questions whose answers will be addressed within the topic of this report.