Medical and pharmaceutical application of oxidized cellulose


  • Branka Rodic - Grabovac University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Technology Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, B&H
  • Pero Sailovic
  • Nina Lipic


Cellulose is the most abundant natural polymer and versatile starting material
for chemical modification for obtaining products with various applications. The
oxidation of cellulose results in derivatives with improved properties, including
the products with new, specific features that can be used for medical and
pharmaceutical purposes. Due to its biocompatibility and biodegradibility, the
oxidized cellulose (6-carboxycellulose) is widely used as a hemostatic agent,
as a barrier for the prevention of postsurgical adhesion, in bandage products
for covering different wounds, as an excipient in the production of tablets,
various gels and pharmaceutical suspensions. In addition to these applications,
the oxidized cellulose may be used for the production of surgical sutures, as a
drug carrier in products with gradual/controlled release, and as a material in
tissue engineering.