Kinetic and equilibrium study of arsenic sorption on silanized magnetic amino-functionalized nanocomposite


  • Ljiljana Surčić
  • Tamara Tadic
  • Aleksandra Nastasović



Arsenic is a metalloid, which occurs in nature in various forms, but in
natural waters mainly in the form of pentavalent oxyanion of arsenate As(V) and
trivalent arsenite As(III), which dominates under anaerobic conditions. Arsenic
water pollution is a serious problem due to its pronounced negative impact on
human health. This paper describes the kinetic and equilibrium studies of the
sorption mechanism of oxyanion As(V) in monocomponent aqueous solutions on
a silanized magnetic amino-functionalized copolymer of glycidyl methacrylate
and ethylene glycol dimethacrylate m-Si-PGME-deta. It has been shown that the
sorption of As(V) on m-Si-PGME-deta is a rapid process, initially controlled by
ion diffusion rate through solution. After achieving the saturation of the sorbent
surface, the sorption rate decreases, because the sorption rate determines
the process of intraparticle pore diffusion. The maximum sorption capacity is
5.61 μmolˑg-1.