Transformation (and/or reduction) of the functions of the modern family


  • Dragana Vilić



The family is a complex social group in which there are combined different aspects of human life. It is a unique dynamic social context in which various processes take place (biological, reproductive, economic, educational and cultural, etc.) and functions (biological, reproductive, economic, function of the socialization and protective function). However, we must bear in mind that in different social systems, at various times there were various organizations of family life, it is the shape, structure and functions of the family have changed over the time. The emergence of modern society was followed by a change of the underlying of the family - changing the character of certain functions, some functions are moved from the family (transferred to the social institutions), and some functions are reduced. Changes in modern society have influenced the further transformation (and/or reduction) of family functions. Why does it come to the transformation (reduction) of the features of the modern family? In which way does the transformation (reduction) of the functions of the family take place?