Slovenia-world champion in theory, and the loser in practice


  • Alja Perger



The purpose of this article is to show the problem of our Slovenian situation in relation to the lack of necessary interdisciplinary integration and coordination of educational institutions and commercial organizations. The samples were exposed separately, in order to show the general background which caused the aforementioned revision and missed opportunities. The intention of this article is to search for the answer to the question: How can educational creation of an individual impact the environment and the formation of today's values and ambitions and how it came to losing some of the key roles of the major connectors in the process - scientists and professors. Needed are actors capable of formulating ambitious key points for new, direct creation of mutual cooperation, focusing on productivity and convenience. The present results, by themselves, do not represent a specific solution for a simple reason- it is not yet identified the environment with its weaknesses and the need for change. However, not everything is negative. Those educational institutions, which are already striving in that direction, and which are described in the article, will continue with its vision and strategy, and only time will show their work and proper guidance of young people with a vision for a better understanding of our environment, which is not completely dormant, but it works ready for a change. However, in order to reach the desired changes, there are still some difficulties on that way in which we point out in this paper.