Analysis of current nursing practice in relation to the modern approach to the prevention of pressure ulcers // Analiza aktuelne sestrinske prakse u odnosu na savremeni pristup prevenciji dekubitusa


  • Nataša Egeljić-Mihailović Univerzitetski klinički centar Republike Srpske, Zavod za nuklearnu medicinu i bolesti štitne žlijezde, Banja Luka
  • Dragana Milutinović Medicinski fakultet Novi Sad



Prevention of decubitus is an indicator of the quality of nursing care. Despite the availability of numerous information on the prevention of decubitus, data from health institutions show that decubitus has a significant increase. Decubitus represents a great health and economic problem both for the patient, for the institution in which it is located, its environment and a wider social community. The education of medical staff and patients should be an integral part of any preventive strategy against the development of decubitus. This means that health institutions should design, enable, adapt and apply a number of existing preventive measures to prevent the development of decubitus.