Strengthening nursing competencies within the Mental Health Center // Jačanje sestrinskih kompentecija u okviru Centara za zaštitu mentalnog zdravlja


  • Sanja Gidumović Centar za zaštitu mentalnog zdravlja JZU“Dom zdravlja“ Banja Luka, Republika Srpska
  • Meliha Hrustić Centra za mentalno zdravlje , JZNU “Dom zdravlja” Tuzla
  • Dijana Nikolić Centar za mentalno zdravlje, JZU „Dom zdravlja“ Brčko Distrik
  • Ljubica Ćuk Centar za mentalno zdravlje, JZU „Dom zdravlja“ Livno
  • Dejan Milanović Centar za zaštitu mentalnog zdravlja JZU“Dom zdravlja“Dobo



The Mental Health Project in BiH (PMZ BiH), Phase II, is a continuation of Phase I of the Mental Health Project. Direct results are: strengthened competencies and skills of multidisciplinary teams to provide better mental health services. In co-operation with sister associations from BiH, Swiss experts have supported the further strengthening of nursing staff in mental health through: support for the development of sister documentation, support in updating clinical guides with a focus on sister practice and providing training and / or direct support to selected members of sister associations in regarding the application of sister documentation and instructions for acting in their work.
Assessment of the capacity of professional associations and specific needs of mental health professionals, realized within the BiH Mental Health Project, resulted in the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation between the above mentioned associations:
1. Association of nurses and technicians in FBiH “UMSTFBiH”
2. Association of nurses and technicians of the Republic of Srpska (Section nurses and technicians in the field of mental health of Republika Srpska)
3. Udruženje “Medicinar” District Brčko
who implemented the Project: “Strengthening Nursing Competencies within the Center for the Protection of Mental Health”.
Targeted sisterhood interventions will improve the orientation of the mental health system to the patient, provide health care with respect and understanding, and effectively treat patients. Interventions will contribute to better health outcomes, a better quality of life for mental health users and the general well-being of people with mental disorders, as well as those at risk of having a mental disorder.
The project encompasses 40 centers for the protection of mental health in BiH with one representative - a medical nurse / technician. The acquired knowledge and skills, trained nurses / technicians, were passed on to other employees in the centers.
The users with whom the sister documentation is applied are more satisfied with the speed and method of obtaining professional help. In 55.51% of respondents, the time of establishing the final diagnosis and condition is shortened. In 44.49% of users who are already in treatment in the centers, the deterioration of the disease is prevented by the introduction of a faster and better quality service.