Epidemiology cancer of the cervix, uterine body and ovary in Republic of Srpska // Epidemiloška situacija raka grlića materice, tijela materice i jajnika u Republici Srpskoj


  • Darijana Antonić Centar za zdravstveni menadžment, JZU Institut za javno zdravstvo Republike Srpske, Banja Luka




Introduction: Cancer of the cervix, uterine body and ovary together with cancer of the breast account more the 1/3 female’s cancer cases in the Republic of Srpska. Cancer of the cervix, uterine body and ovary are responsible for 13.82% cancer death females, and the leading cause of cancer death females is cancer of the ovary (5.62%).
Sources and methods: Mediana age diagnosed new cases of the cervix cancer is 47 years and uterin body and ovary the median age is in sixties. Relationship beetwen age-standardized rate prevalence (world) and age-standardized rate incidence cancer of the cervix, uterin body and ovary and confirm that high rate of incidence determines high rate of prevalence, this correlation is positive and relationship statistical significant (p<0.01). Relative five years survival rates of the cervix and uterin body cancer are over 80% and cancer of the ovary have almost 2.5 times lower relative five years survival rate.