The satisfaction of the users of health services with the work of nurses at the Rosulje Family Medicine Clinic // Zadovoljstvo korisnika zdravstvenih usluga radom medicinskih sestara u Ambulanti porodične medicine „Rosulje“


  • Darija Jović Dom zdravlja Banja Luka



The quality of health care is a very complex feature of the condition and functioning of the health care system, and one of the elements of quality is the satisfaction of the users (patients) provided with health care. In order to evaluate patient satisfaction, there are many opportunities that are provided in order to obtain information about what they think and feel about the healthcare provided. In some institutions there are books of impressions, cases for remarks and praise, nursing surveys, telephone surveys, etc. In this paper, the questionnaire examined the satisfaction of patients with the work of nurses in the Rosulje Family Medicine Clinic.
The results of the study show that the patients are very satisfied with the work of the staff in APM Rosulje. Positive attitude towards the work of the clinic is contributed by the long-standing placement of nurses and doctors in the outpatient clinic, the knowledge of patients, their habits and thus better communication and recognition of the patient and family problem.