The Properties Defining Teaching Materials for English Language Courses for IT Students in Serbia

Tijana Dabić, Saša Adamović


The results presented in this paper are a part of a
much more complex mix-method research on the needs of IT
students in ELT. The paper reports on the properties defining
the teaching materials suitable for IT students in ELT in tertiary
education. Since English language is an essential tool for IT
students to gain professional knowledge and to grow into
competent individuals in their field, a rather different approach
should be utilised in order to fully assess and question their needs
in ELT. The paper discusses on the properties of teaching
materials for IT students within the framework of English
language courses for IT students that has been defined by the
research. The authors want to define teaching materials suitable
for IT students for mainly two reasons: to help the ones with
insufficient language knowledge to reach the satisfying one and to
equip the IT students for the target situations in English
language that they may find themselves in during studies and
upon finding a job. The results presented in this paper can be
valuable for all ESP teachers, especially the ones teaching to the
students at technical faculties.

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