The role of toxic leadership styles in the escaping of talented ITexperts from cities administration

Sanja Gutić Martinčić


All business successful cities in the world are trying
to attract and retain talents. This directly affects their
recognition, competitiveness and development. Escaping talents is
one of the difficulties in developing cities today, especially in
transition countries. Talents do not run out of cities just for longterm
waiting after graduation, non-motivating salaries, etc. but
also because of toxic leadership styles. The paper presents how
many different pathogens the management styles of employees in
city administrations and public utilities operate on that escape.
The study was carried out on a quotient representative sample (n
= 50). The sample was made by young talents of completed IT
degree studies. The method of variance analysis and regression
analysis was used. The results that have come out clearly show
that four toxic human leadership behaviors have the greatest
impact on the escape of these talents from cities. These are:
narcissism, depression, aggression and emotional separation of
city service leaders and public utility companies. The paper
presents a significant contribution to the management of career
careers and the management of human capital in cities.

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