Mirjana Gajić, Snežana Vujadinović, Srđa Popović


This paper aims to analyze an important phenomenon of our world, namely the contradictory relationship between globalization and cultural identity. Globalization is a multidimensional phenomenon that encompasses not only economic components but also cultural, ideological, political and other. Globalization in its archaic forms goes back to ancient history and roots linked to the emergence and spread of human society. The modern form reached in the second half of the 20th  century, and the intensity and the culmination of the 80s and early 90s of the 20th  century (the global  age, postindustrial and postmodern age). Globalization is a complex process that integrates a number of factors whose interaction of globally achieved thanks to the expansion of knowledge, technologies and information across national borders. Impacts encourage globalization manifested in a series of changes in economic, political, social and especially cultural sphere, which is the subject of this paper. The concept of global values, commonly identified with the values of Western culture (americanization, westernization), and the effects of globalization is manifested through its effect   on the national cultural forms. In literature and discussions amount to be different points of view the relation between globalization and culture, but the essence of the conflict based on opposing theses that reflect the "dual character" of cultural globalization. The first is a proponent of the negative impact of globalization on homogeneous national and local culture, while the other prefers diversity of cultural content, expressed through the cosmopolitan culture that does not negate the sense of national belonging. The authors in this paper analyze different interpretations of a complex relationship between culture and globalization and to emphasize the positive and negative effects arising from the relationships and connections between the global and the local.

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