Reducing Packaging Waste – Mechanical Characteristics and Network Parameters of the Gelatin-Based Thin Film for Cruciferous Vegetables Packaging


  • Nikola Milašinović
  • Bojana Balanč
  • Nikola Milašinović



The role of the materials used for packaging is to protect inner
content from external, mostly negative, factors. Besides being
safe, and with good mechanical properties, these materials need
to align with other consumers’ needs and demands, being both
attractive and authentic, while at the same time meeting
ecological requirements. Gelatin-based thin films are good
candidates for production of semi-soft cup-shaped products that
could be used for cruciferous vegetables packaging. These films
were prepared by a simple solvent evaporation method. Prepared
films were characterized by swelling study and their mechanical
properties were investigated. The optical characteristics of the
films were determined by optical microscopy revealing that these
systems possess attractive clear and transparent gold-yellowish
appearance with a smooth surface.