Possibilities for utilization of dietary fiber-rich supplement from pepper (Capsicum annum L.) processing waste in bakery products


  • Jasna Mastilović
  • Žarko Kevrešan
  • Milan Vukić
  • Marko Ivanović
  • Jelena Radovanović
  • Dženita Džinić




By the application of processes of stabilization through drying,
separation of seed and grinding of remaining placenta dietary
fiber-rich powdered product was obtained from pepper (Capsicum
annum L.) processing waste. Effects of dosing of pepper placentabased
supplement (1, 2 and 3%) on farinograph, extensograph
and amylograph parameters, as well as test baking, were
conducted in this study.
Addition of pepper placenta-based supplement resulted in an
increase of farinograph water absorption in obtaining of darker
and more intensively colored bread crust and in smaller and more
evenly distributed pores of breadcrumb. It also inhibited the
firming of breadcrumb during bread shelf life. The main negative
effects of the application of placenta-based supplement were the
increase of dough resistance and the decrease of breadcrumb