About the Journal

The TTTP Journal is an international scientific journal published in English language with both electronic and printed versions.

  • The aim and scope of the Traffic and Transport Theory and Practice (TTTP) Journal is:
    Provide international dissemination of knowledge and contributions to the science and practice in the field of traffic and transportation,
    Promote and exchange information and knowledge in the transportation research arena and its application,
    Explore the new trends in development and invention related to the efficiency, reliability, safety and economically and ecologically sustainable transportation.
    TTTP provides conditions and positive environment for the new idea promotion, exchange research results and achievements accomplished by the scientific community from academia and transportation industry.
  • Research Areas
    Traffic engineering operations and technology
    Transport economics
    Transport planning
    Management in transport
    Safety and security in transport
    Ecology in transport
    Vehicle and maintenance
    Transport infrastructure
    Urban transport
    Intermodal transport
    Intelligent transport systems
    Logistics in transport
    Transport policy
    Education in transportation
    Sustainable transport