Decarbonization of the energy sector with reference to the transport sector


  • Ljubo Glamočić Pan-European University Apeiron, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, Banja Luka



The transition of the energy sector is largely reflected in transport, which is an important a link in the economy. The decarbonization process, which is an integral part of this entire transition of the energy sector, began much earlier by finding new fuels in order to replace the already well-known and well-established fossil fuels. In order to protect the environment, many scientific research institutions and manufacturers of transport vehicles are looking for alternatives to fossil fuels. The development and transition to means of transport whose power is carried out by electric motors, i.e. where the driver of these means of transport is electricity, accumulated in batteries, is not the optimal solution, which in return caused a rapid development of various technologies and models in the last decade whose primary objectives encompass obtaining hydrogen and its use in all types of transport from road, rail, naval to the air force.