Models of Organization and Management of Passenger Public Urban Transport Systems


  • Pavle Gladović University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences
  • Danislav Drašković Pan-European Apeiron University, Faculty of Transportation
  • Snježana Railić Pan-European Apeiron University, Faculty of Transportation
  • Zoran Injac PE ’’Putevi RS’’ Banja Luka



The paper gives an overview of the model of organization in the management of public urban passenger transport systems (JGTP), which are applied in world cities as well as in some cities in the region. These are complex systems with components of economic, technical, technological and organizational nature, as well as elements of planning, arrangement and organization of space and impact on the environment and its protection, at the same time, as a public service, it is a specific network of various organizational and spatial entities. Systems are open transport systems with stochastic state change.