Traffic Accident Expertise in Civil Procedure


  • Danislav Drašković Pan-European Apeiron University, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering Banja Luka
  • Milan Vujanić Faculty of Transport, Communications and Logistics, Budva
  • Dragan Stanišić Law Office, Banja Luka
  • Goran Amidžić University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Security Sciences



In the process of compensation for the damage suffered by the aggrieved party as a result of a traffic accident, it is often necessary to provide expertise to determine the cause of the accident, the aggrieved party’s contribution to the accident, or increase in the amount of damage. Formally and legally, it is necessary to observe the institute rule of shared responsibility. Shared responsibility is an institute rule that marks the contribution of the aggrieved party to cause damage or to be greater than it would otherwise be. Within the framework of this paper, the model of traffic accident expertise in civil procedure is investigated, primarily from the aspect of the contribution of the inadmissible action of the aggrieved party in the occurrence of the accident or increase of the damage.