2014 Doboj Floods – Consequences and Hazard Elimination Activities


  • Goran Amidžić Assistant Professor, Faculty of Security Science, University of Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska




The Republic of Srpska is susceptible to natural disasters, with particular regard to floods. Floods had caused human losses and property damage to both civilian and commercial facilities, road infrastructure and other infrastructure, on several occasions, including the 2014 floods. It is not always possible to predict natural disasters but human and material losses may be reduced if institutions undertake planned prevention activities and educate the population in terms of flood protection and risk reduction. The paper addresses floods as the natural disaster to which the Republic of Srpska is susceptible due to a long network of non-regulated water streams and frequent heavy rains. A special attention is paid to the floods which heavily affected the city of Doboj in 2014 as we analyze the activities on hazard elimination and consequence mitigation. The analysis is based on the study, assessment and plans designed in order to protect the city from floods in near future. Along with that we analyzed the impact of floods on the changes in the size of traffic flow requirements on the part of the M-17 road damaged in floods.