The Impact of Freight Vehicle Load on the Condition of Roads in Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • Zoran Injac Pan-European University Apeiron, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering
  • Danislav Drašković Pan-European University Apeiron, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering
  • Goran Amidžić University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Security Sciences



The number of registered commercial freight vehicles in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been increasing over the years, which affects the traffic load and the condition of roads, especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Vehicle overloading is considered to be one of the biggest causes of damage to part of the road surface, especially with regard to the load-bearing road substructure. The focus of the research is the vehicle overloading on the roads of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with special emphasis on determining the type and degree of overloaded vehicles and determining the equivalence factor (EF). In the research phase, data from weighing control stations were used, taking into account the total weight of vehicles, the distribution of total weight on vehicle axles and the equivalent standard axle load for a particular vehicle type over a period of two years. A high degree of overloading was found, especially 5-axle vehicles (58.7%). The level of overloading in the range of 10-20% in relation to the maximum allowed weight is especially apparent. The calculated EF is 3.64 and is higher than the standard EF.