• Oleg Roy



The article analyzes the interaction between business and government, the purpose of which is to
identify the leading thematic blocks, where the most significant issues underlying this interaction
are concentrated. Highlighting two meanings in the practice of interaction between business and
the state, in one of which the state merges with business, and in the other - disagrees with it
on key issues, the author proposes to use the theory of stakeholders of I. M. Jawahar and G.
L. McLaughlin. The use of this theory allows to identify several types of interaction, including
six main functions: facilitating, stimulating, control, sanctions, arbitration and regulatory. The
content of these functions is concentrated in the list of basic activities of authorities in the field of
regulation of business processes. For the purpose of complex and systematic consideration of these
functions, the article proposes a 3D model of interaction between government and business. On the
basis of this model the author carries out the content analysis of materials of the leading among
businessmen of the Omsk region newspaper “Commercial news” on the basis of which the leading
thematic blocks of interaction of the power and business updated by various types of lighting
are allocated (analytical article, interview, reportage, a note). The important role of the media
in assessing and structuring the relationship between public authorities and business structures
determines the usefulness content analysis and the choice of the object of the study. The study
highlighted a number of leading thematic blocks of interaction, updated on the pages of the weekly
in the period from 2018 to mid-2019. Based on the study, the author identified and ranked thematic
blocks considered in the context of his proposed 3D- model, formulated the most characteristic
problems of interaction between business and government at the present stage.