• Milka Šarkanović Bugarinović University of Novi Sad
  • Aleksandar Ristić University of Novi Sad
  • Željko Bugarinović University of Novi Sad
  • Milan Vrtunski University of Novi Sad
  • Dušan Jovanović University of Novi Sad



In this paper, the analysis of the dynamic load of the beam using geodetic and geotechnical sensors was performed. From the group of geodetic sensors, GPS/GNSS receivers were used, while from the group of geotechnical sensors, an accelerometer was used. The measurements were performed in laboratory conditions, and the experiment itself was designed so that the measurements from several series were independent of each other. For the experiment, a construction was made on which all sensors are mounted, which ensures their smooth operation in real time, as well as the setting of different loads. Based on the obtained measurement results, the analysis was performed and conclusions were drawn, as well as the directions of future development.


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M. Šarkanović Bugarinović, A. Ristić, Željko Bugarinović, M. Vrtunski, and D. Jovanović, “ANALYSIS OF DYNAMIC LOAD OF SIMPLE BEAMS USING GEODETIC AND GEOTECHNICAL SENSORS IN LABORATORY CONDITIONS”, STEPGRAD, vol. 1, no. 15, pp. 592-599, Mar. 2023.