Composite roadway bridges with prefabricated deck slabs


  • Saša Kovačević University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Bosnia and Herzegovina



composite bridges, precast deck slabs, dry joints, shear connection, headed studs, bolted shear connector


Composite roadway bridges constructed using precast deck slabs are exposed in this paper. Prefabricated units are suitable for use in small and middle span bridges. Prefabricated systems are used for new construction and reconstruction and rehabilitation of existing bridges. It is presented two types of the precast deck slabs, partial–thickness precast and full–thickness precast deck slabs. Advantages and disadvantages using the precast deck units are also listed. Furthermore, the details to provide continuity between units, ways of connecting precast deck elements, various types and arrangements of shear connectors are been showed. Different types and special design considerations of transverse joints are displayed. For achievement of longitudinal shear connection between precast units and steel girders welded headed studs distributed in group and bolted shear connectors are used. Both shear connectors can equally be used in precast bridges, while bolted shear connectors have advantage reflected in the simpler maintenance and removal of structure after achieved lifetime. The use of prefabrication can reduce overall costs and construction time of composite bridges.



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S. Kovačević, “Composite roadway bridges with prefabricated deck slabs”, AGG+, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 186-201, Dec. 2013.